VwS CoD's Revamped Roster for Season 2

Tue 11th Aug 2015 - 7:15pm : Gaming

Our announcement today is to inform VwS fans of changes to our VwS Call of Duty Roster.  With the inaugural season of the Gfinity EU Pro League finished the squad settled down after a 5th placed finish and analysed the issues and faults that had led them so close to relegation.   Team changes mid-season along with the use of subs had unfortunately unbalanced the squad and stability is essential.

With the season lock looming members of the initial squad decided it would be best for the team to break away and after discussion we felt this to be the best course of action also. 

The new VwS CoD team going into the second season of the Gfinity Pro League will be as follows:

Brian “Braaain” Fairlamb
Nick “Nolson” Nolson
Gurdip “SunnyB” Bains
Damien “Damo” Wild ‏

As you can see this means we will be saying farewell to both Realize and Jake and bringing in former Aware Gaming players SunnyB and Damo.   

VwS CoD Captain Braaain had this to say on the new roster:

"Nick ans I decided that it would be best if we left Realize and Jake and picked up Sunny and Damo. We're all excited to compete in the Gfinity pro league and the season 2 finals and we hope we can be successful under VwS".

 VwS COO Matt Cooper also had a few words:

“We are delighted to welcome two fantastic players to the squad and we look forward to seeing the team produce results as we go into the new season.  We are expecting a strong and stable line up going forwards and hopefully that will show in our final league placement and LAN events in the near future”

If you would like to follow our new squad then please do so here:

@VwS _SunnyB‏

*On a side note VwS would just like to wish both Realize and Jake success as they find new teams, this decision as with any regarding team changes was not easy and we would like to thank them for their work in the organisation.   A special thank you to Josh who helped the squad fight off relegation and has been hugely professional throughout this process. *

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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